Must Have Cleaning Products for Dog and Cat Owners

Must Have Cleaning Products for Dog and Cat Owners

So you have a wonderful dog or cat that you love more than anything else in the world – but there’s on catch: you just can’t keep up with the mess they create or don’t have the time clean up every other day. This story rings true for virtually all power owners throughout the world. Wherever there is a pet, there is bound to be trouble.

You Need The Tools

Just like every other aspect in work and life, you need to have the right tools. We are not saying this so you go on our website or any online retailer to shelve out hundreds of dollars. It’s just a fact of life: the right tools will save you endless amounts of time and money.

Cleaning after your dog or pet is no different. The only catch here is: you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to efficiently and effectively maintain a healthy and clean environment.

We feel there are three critical aspects of doing this, and we have listed them out in a list to act as a rule of thumb for you to remember.

  1. Clean your pet
  2. Clean their teeth
  3. Clean your drains
  4. Clean your furniture

A lot of these requirement pre-empting future issues – for example, you will need to install the hair declogger before your pets deshedding chokes the drains.

Clean Your Pet

Maintaining your pet’s cleanliness is essential. Regular showers and dust-ups go a long way, but having a gentle deshedding and grooming glove is an essential product to have at home. These go a long way in maintaining healthy skin and demeanour both for your lovable partner. For pets that shed, this is a no-brainer. A gentle deshedding glove gets rid of that extra hair before it lands up on your furniture or the dishes – you get the idea.

Solution: Gentle Deshedding and Grooming Glove

Clean Their Teeth

The gut health of cats and dogs is essential to their overall health. And gut health begins at the mouth. No feline or canine should go without a regular oral hygiene schedule. A quality pet finger toothbrush goes a long way in ensuring your pet’s health: it also ensures their teeth remain healthy and durable for the various challenges ahead.

Solution: Pet Finger Toothbrush

Clean Your Drains

This is unfortunately one task that you will need to do before the mess occurs. A drain de-clogger is essential, even if you do not have a pet. But with a dog or cat at home, it almost becomes a religious artifact. There are various types of drain de-cloggers, we would suggest that you stay away from harmful chemicals as they can harm both you and your pets. Make sure you have buy many de-cloggers, atleast for each tap at your home.

Solution: Drain Clog Hair Remover

Clean Your Furniture

This is vital, especially if you have a lot of guests over: the excessive hair lying on furniture such as sofas, seats and tables can be debilitating. A Reusable Pet Hiar and Lint Remover goes a long way in correcting this. Make sure to do a cleanup atleast once a week or just before you are expecting guests over. If you happen to have allergies yourself, you would do well to make this task a daily habit of yours for the most used pieces of furniture – like that sofa you often fall asleep on.

Solution: Reusable Pet Hair and Lint Remover

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