Aquariums 101: The What, How & Where of Setting Up Your Own Fish Kingdom

Aquariums 101: The What, How & Where of Setting Up Your Own Fish Kingdom

From the outside looking in it is easy to think aquariums are just a tank on a stand with some fish swimming around, in reality, it takes several different components to keep the fish alive and aquarium stable. Some fish will need saltwater well others need fresh water, a certain fish may need organic bacteria present in the tank and other species will die if that same bacteria is in their tank. 


The main pieces of equipment needed to maintain a functioning aquarium are heaters, lights, and filters, tropical fish need heaters to keep the water hot enough for them to survive, filters eliminate waste and bacteria from building up so your fish are able to breathe in the water. The bigger the tank the more powerful of a heater or filter you will need, keep in mind the staff at your fish store would love to assist with any questions you have regarding your setup and the wellbeing of the fish.


Aquariums need to be filled with accessories that serve for more than decoration but actually are crucial for the survival of your fish. Some fish require living and organic rocks or plants to provide the bacteria they require to survive, also living things in an aquarium can act as a natural filter helping to clean the water but should not be used as a substitute. Plastic or fake ornaments can be added to your taken to spice up the atmosphere and provide shelter for your fish as well.

Fish Food

Just like any animal a balanced diet is essential for your fish’s survival, happiness and overall wellbeing, this means a combination of both dry and live food. Commercial dry fish food is often unbalanced and the vitamin content can decline at room temperature if not stored properly, since the majority of dry food only keeps for three months it is best to buy multiple little containers. Since fish appreciate change live food should be intravenously supplemented, most live food comes irradiated and freeze-dried to make sure it is disease free. Like most animals dry food is the least preferred, so if you would like to see your fish brighten in color, be more willing to breed and increase the overall wellbeing consider giving them live food on occasions.

Buying A Fish

Whenever you are preparing to buy a fish you must make sure to take note of the requirements that each fish may have because there are so many differences in caring for and maintaining different kinds of fish. When you are at the fish store you need to be observant as possible and ask the staff any questions you may have. Some stores will only sell beginner level fish to first-timers, making sure anyone seeking more exotic fish have the proper know how. You may also want to consider aggression levels, how big the fish will get and if you have the right tank and gear to home the fish, if a fish is labeled incompatible don’t mix them with other fish or they will kill them. 

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