Cat Owner’s Guide On How to Avoid the Litter Box

Cat Owner’s Guide On How to Avoid the Litter Box

Almost all problems with cats avoiding their litter box can be summed up into two main causes, those two being a physical problem or a territorial, insecurity and anxiety problem.  

  • Spot the Difference

Before we begin it is important to know the difference between a cat spraying/marking and a cat urinating, a peeing cat will squat on the floor. Which is quite different than a spraying cat who will target vertical walls and the liquid runs down the wall to the ground. Finding your cat peeing or spraying a certain spot repeatedly could be caused by the same territorial problem, however urinating and spraying can often mean your cat is trying to express two completely different problems so it is crucial to remain aware.

  • First Things First

As a rule of thumb it is better to be safe than sorry so if you notice your cat missing or avoiding the litter box excessively you should take them to a vet, it is most likely nothing serious but it is best to rule out any possibility of illness right away. Your vet can give your cat a urine analysis as well as full blood panel to insure nothing is internally wrong with your cat, as well as have your vet look over your cat nose to tail to make sure there are no physical issues making them act out.

  • Inspector Time

It can be extremely beneficial to record or write down all of your cats bathroom mistakes when it happens, this can help give you a bigger picture and better look at why your cat is doing this. Be sure to record what, when, where and why you this happened as well as take note of any other observations or recurrences you notice. Another Method would be to put painters tape down marking all the spots your cat has gone and goes to the bathroom, you will be surprised at what you thought were just random occurrences are actually a part of a greater pattern. You can use the information you gather to help figure out the cause of your cats problem and eliminate it.

  • Hold Your Ground

It is common for cats to pee or spray things around the perimeter of their territory, so for most cats this territory is your house or apartment. Cat will target front, back and side doors as well as windows to pee or spray, it is important to remember to not get emotionally upset with your animal as it is common instinctive behaviour. There is a high possibility that if your cat is marking near exits and entrances there is another animal outside your home, most likely a neighbouring or stray cat, and your cat is only defending their ground against foreign invasion.

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