Common Behavioural Issues in Cats and How To Fix Them

Common Behavioural Issues in Cats and How To Fix Them

It is important to start training as soon as you bring your kitten home because your cat starts learning the moment he comes through your door, so it would be best to get them started on the right track. Cats are much more independent, less social and don’t desire the same praise as dogs, but they are extremely intelligent and have the ability to learn a variety of skills and tricks.

Cat Behavioural Problems

 You should have plenty of toys around for your cat to play with at a moments notice, they can be used to redirect your cats attention when they are misbehaving. Many behaviour problems can be solved with proper obedience training and keeping your cat or kitten mentally physically stimulated. Here are some common cat behavioural problems.

  • Furniture Scratching
  • Spraying and Urinating
  • Avoiding the litter box
  • Aggressive towards people or animals

Keep in mind your cat may behaving a certain way because they are feeling anxious, stressed or fearful and can be resolved by finding the root cause of the feeling eliminating it.

Cat to Cat

Hopefully your cat will be willing and eager to learn your commands but things seldom work out how you want them to, so there is a chance your cat ignores you. Different cats will have different personalities so they will need to be trained different according to their personalities. 

Studio shot of adorable young fluffy kitten sitting in a little blue pot

Remember, Remember

Its is always so important to remember that cats do not respond well to punishment and doing so will often cause your cat to hide from you, it can also lead to stress and other behaviour or health problems. Encouraging good behaviour and rewarding them with treats and love is a much more effective way to praise your cat. Instead of punishing bad behaviour redirect your cats attention to yourself, a treat or a toy in hopefully your cat will stop behaving poorly.


Cats are extremely intelligent and have a great memory one that could even best humans, they have both short term and long term memory so they will be able to trained in the act of behaving badly as well as remember that time they got away with something years ago. The best way to create a proper mentality inside your pet is with positive reinforcement pets like humans remember when they are rewarded for doing something well.

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